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"Cypriot folk roots updated, rearranged and delivered in style" (fRoots)

"Super-fresh folk roots grooves" (WOMAD)

"A pocket sized treat for your ears" (BBC Radio3)

"Entertaining, confident and inventive" (The Guardian)

"A masterfully accomplished trio" (Songlines)

"Tradition suddenly regains its relevance" (Les Inrocks)

"Contemporary Cypriot roots with idiosyncratic verve" (Ear to the Globe)

"...the times they are definitely a-changin' " (Sing Out!)

"Imagine Gogol Bordello and the ghost of Herbie Mann on an ouzo bender" (ChewBone)

"fabulous free-wheeling arrangement" (World Cafe)

"Superb contemporary Cypriot folk" (Oxfam Brugge)

"These musical bandits steal whatever they can and forge it into something all their own, enveloped in a smoky haze of poetry and sharp musical arrangements" (RootsWorld)

"Refreshing and exciting!" (Crossing Continents)


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Multi-award winning group Monsieur Doumani, was formed in 2011 in Nicosia, Cyprus by Antonis Antoniou (tzouras), Demetris Yiasemides (trombone, flute) and Angelos Ionas (guitar). Since 2016 Andys Skordis has been replacing Ionas at international concerts.

Coming from different musical backgrounds, but influenced by the Cypriot tradition at various levels, Monsieur Doumani compose Cypriot songs that draw inspiration from contemporary Cypriot society as well as from the shaky conditions of our era. The original identity of the project was determined by the adaptation of Cypriot traditional pieces, with a special contemporary color in sound and mood, forming a style distinctively their own.
Their live appearances in festivals and venues across the world (WOMAD, Rudolstadt, Havana World Music Fest, Sur Jahan-India, Konzerthaus Vienna, Paradiso, Mupa etc) have been very well-received by diverse audiences and their music has been presented on radio stations around the globe, such as BBC, NPR, Radio France, Sveriges Radio, PBS FM Melbourne etc.

Monsieur Doumani have received many awards during their 7-year career including the Critics Award at Andrea Parodi Awards and the German Records Critics' Award' (Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik). They were nominated three times for Best Group in Songlines Music Awards and they are also nominated for the Eiserne Eversteiner Folk Awards 2019.

Monsieur Doumani have released 3 studio albums which gained them their worldwide recognition.

Their third album with the symbolic name ‘Angathin’ (2018) - which translates as ‘thorn’ - addresses more than ever, the political, social and activist concerns and sensitivities of the group members and it is a call for rebellion against corruption, racism and injustice. The album 'Angathin' has  attracted great interest on an international level receiving the prestigious  'German Records Critics' Award' (Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik) in the category 'World Music'. It has been voted as 'Best Album of 2018' in the Transglobal World Music Chart and #6 Best of 2018 in the World Music Charts Europe. It was also given the title of 'Top of the World' album by British magazine 'Songlines' and was one of the Top 20 albums of 2018 according to fRoots magazine.

In March 2015 Monsieur Doumani released their second full-length album, ‘Sikoses’, which gained them a nomination in Songlines Music Awards 2016 in two categories: 'Best Group' and 'Europe'. The album consists mainly of their own compositions, inspired by tradition, but reflecting on contemporary Cypriot  society. Sikoses was awarded ‘Top of the World” in Songlines magazine issue #108 and received outstanding reviews from other media internationally. Sikoses also reached No.1 in World Music Network's June 2015 chart and No.1 in the November 2015 Transglobal World Music Chart.

In May 2013 Monsieur Doumani released their first full-length album entitled 'Grippy Grappa', which gained them a nomination for 'Best Newcomer' in Songlines Music Awards 2014. The album Grippy Grappa, which is mainly comprised of reworkings of traditional Cypriot pieces, has received excellent reviews from international media such as the British newspaper «The Guardian», the French magazine «Les InRocks» and the music magazine «fRoots». Their album was «Top of the World» in the 95th issue of «Songlines» magazine and it reached No.12 in the World Music Network's August charts.

In 2012 they produced their first limited-edition EP ‘Cyfolk’, consisting of 8 rearrangements of Cypriot folk songs.


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